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Welcome, scholar – I see you have brought the proper documentation and seals with you. Enter, if you will. I am the Imperial Great Librarian, possessor of all the writs and seals of the Imperial University and this Library.

You have entered the Great Repository of the Imperial University, home to the Empire’s most esteemed scholars from all ages, and blessed by the Fortunes Fukurokujin and Kobiru-Tadashiko to keep these sacred halls well-protected and preserved.

Here you will find the greatest collection of mortal knowledge – collected, stored, and indexed where such archives and records have rested for hundreds of years on these blessed shelves. Here you will find information about people, locations, events, culture, items, and so forth. The Great Clans and Imperial families have sent us these works, and we update them regularly, ever-expanding, ever-seeking. Why, it is said that if such information cannot be found here, then it does not exist! And there is little I have seen to dispute that statement.

What’s that? Forbidden knowledge? Why would you ask? Oh, there are indeed vaults in which we keep such dangerous writings, but you’ll need further approval and seals of authority if you wish to access them. But for the moment, let us see if we can find what you are seeking, yes? Just follow me…

Main Page

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