Kyuden Gotai

LN large city
Corruption +1 ; Crime +2 ; Economy +5 ; Law +6 ; Lore +4 ; Society -1
Qualities academic, holy site, good roads, racially intolerant (all non-humans), royal accommodations
Danger +10
Government dynasty
Population 23,000 (22,200 humans ; 800 nezumi)
Notable NPCs
Emperor Iweko VII
Chancellor Tonbo Noboru
Shogun Akodo Tadenori
Base Value 8,000 kp ; Purchase Limit 50,000 kp ; Spellcasting 9th
Minor Items 4d4 ; Medium Items 3d4 ; Major Items 2d4

Kyuden Gotai is the capital city of Azeshouri, the seat of the Emperor and the Imperial Court, and the heart of the Empire. It sits at nearly the very center of the Empire alongside Chrysanthemum Lake, from which the Imperial family takes the symbol of their house.

The city is divided into two sections – the inner “circle”, surrounded by the Enchanted Wall that protects the Imperial District, and a large curtain wall that defends the rest of the city. There are three gates that pass under the thick, heavy walls of the outer wall, with the Eastern Gate being the largest, as dictated by Feng Shui, and with smaller northern and southern gates.

The city is divided into a number of districts, each with its own governor (typically a member of the Otomo family) charged with overseeing the needs of their district.

Kyuden Gotai

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