Heroes of Valleyhaven

The Heroes of Valleyhaven are those individuals who originally hailed from the Kingdom of Sunbar (specifically the duchy of Valleyhaven), in the employ of Duke Justin Allon. Originally tasked with discovering the origins of strange, demon-like creatures invading the duchy, the party’s investigations led them to uncover information regarding an exploration team led by notable explorer Kalum Windstrider over 100 years previously. The team eventually located Kalumossalurthrae, who told them the truth behind his journey, and handed over the Seal of the Winds into their safekeeping before setting them onto the same path he made a century earlier.

The team that set out from Valleyhaven consisted of Amelia “Pryn” Hunt, Aramith the Silver, Arland Terres (a cleric of Fharlanghn), Brand Featherfoot, Jerrin Atwood, Obsidian Nalvar (a dwarven forgepriest of Moridin), and the Elven ambassador Sorien Neres.

Tragedy struck along the way with Sorien killed by a behir; Later on, after leading the party into the safety of the mythical location of Fharlanghn’s Garden, Arland was chosen by his deity to accompany him on his travels through new planes of existence.

The team also gained two new members during their trek: Cyrus Zalorn, a venerable cleric of Pelor, found transformed into a ice statue by the Frost Queen and released from his curse; later the excitable Uldra druid Frostwing Laren, who was investigating the strange oni traversing the Frostfell and attached himself to the party after his curiosity got the better of him.

Cyrus was later killed after the party arrived in Kyuden Gotai, when an Oni Ghost-Faced Killer assassinated him in a tavern. The rest of the team remains committed to their task – find the source of the oni invasion that has been making its way into the West, and stop it.

Heroes of Valleyhaven

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