Seal of the Winds

The Seal of the Winds is one of the five elemental seals created during the Second Day of Thunder for the express purpose of sealing Fu Leng and the Oni lords within the Festering Pit.

The seal resembles a flat, polished circle of smooth grey-white stone. It is five inches in diameter, and an inch thick. Incised neatly into the center of one side is the kanji symbol for “Wind.” The seal is cool to the touch, as if it has been left outside in a cold breeze.

Continuous Effect: The seal is continually surrounded by winds that form and swirl around it, out to a distance of five feet from the seal. These winds can disperse cloud and fog effects in the same square as the wielder.

Using the Seal of the Winds: The seal can be used by any individual, irregardless of whether or not they can cast spells. Activating one of the seal’s powers requires the seal to be in the individual’s hand, and a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Nearly all the effects can be maintained so long as the wielder uses a standard action each round to concentrate and maintain the effects. In order to activate a given power, it must have been previously discovered and unlocked. ((It is not required that the wielder be the one who initially unlocked the Seal’s power(s))).

Charges: The seal possesses 5 charges. Activating a seal’s power drains a number of charges, depending on the effect activated, but maintaining an active effect does not use any additional charges unless so specified. If the seal does not possess enough charges necessary to activate a power, then the power cannot be used. The seal recharges itself back up to 5 charges at the start of each new day, at sunrise.

Granted Power: Once per year, the seal can grant a special power to an individual who holds the seal. By concentrating the wielder can absorb some of the Seal’s power into themselves. This grants the individual the following ability: Once per day as a free action, the wielder may use any touch spell up to a range of 30 ft. This power remains within the individual for 30 days before dissipating. Once the seal has bestowed this power, it cannot bestow it again on any other individual for one year.

Powers: The following powers have been unlocked.
The Seal can produce the following powers, all as if cast by a 13th-lvl Sorcerer. In addition, so long as the Seal is held, any Air spell cast normally by the wielder is at +1 caster level.

Gust of Wind – This power costs the seal 1 charge. By concentrating, the wielder can cause the seal to issue forth a powerful blast of wind.

Levitate – This power costs the seal 1 charge. By concentrating, the wielder can summon forth winds to surround him and bear him aloft.

Seal of the Winds

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