Doji Ayano

Ayano.jpgLady Doji Ayano heads the Crane delegation within the Imperial Court.

A tall, willowy woman with pale, flawless skin, Ayano’s age is hard to place, though she has been a courtier at the palace for some time. She is never seen at anything less than the very embodiment of the perfect courtier. Her hair is dyed white, and always elaborately upswept and held in place by a number of lacquered wooden hairsticks or golden pins and elegant combs. She wears the finest embroidered silk gowns and robes, always with a crane motif.

Ayano is known for being exceedingly polite and the very model of courtesy, even when delivering the most vicious of insults. When angry, it is said that she maintains a cool rage and does not allow others to see her fury, though they will feel it. She is known for setting fashion trends within the court, as well as elaborate gatherings that show off the wealth and prestige of the Crane. It is due in large part to her efforts that the Crane are often favored by Emperor Iweko VII.

Within the clan, Ayano wields considerable reach and influence, in part due to her status as the daughter of the Doji family daimyo. Her considerable knowledge of politics and keen grasp of events has made her the perfect choice to lead the Imperial Court delegation, where she can ensure that the clan’s well-being and prestige comes first.

Doji Ayano

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