Finding Bolin and Huan

The group followed the leads to Bolin and Huan;
discovered that they were the worst guards ever. All signs indicated that they ran off. However, the group also finds a new clue – one of the seals that allows spellcasting in the palace.

The group visits the seal keeper [Yasuki Yondu], returned the seals they’d found during the fight to save the Emperor, and surreptitiously test the seal keeper. Master Fumiki caught Yondu in a lie. Yondu claimed that no other seals were missing when in fact, there was at the very least the one that was hidden in the garden lantern the group found that morning. Additionally, Brand discovers that Yondu was prone to drink and exposes him – including a fancy bottle of sake gifted from Head Shrinekeeper Amaratsu Koda. Further inspection saw that the sake was laced with opiates. The group recalled that the sacrificed acolytes had also consumed opiate laced wine.

Quickly, the group searches for Koda, and follows leads back to Koda’s cottage. There, the group found poppy plants.

The group follows other leads and a hunch to the Shrine of the Fortune of Secrets. At first, everything appeared to be fine. But Honsu’s sword glowed bright. The entire structure was tainted; a strong illusion hid the true nature of the shrine. Master Fu dispelled the blood magic illusion and revealed a trap door.

They pass through to a worked cavern where several abominations rose from the earth and an evil taint spirit worked to stop their pursuit. The abominations were undead raised with the help of enchanted porcelain masks. Kimiko expertly dispatches the spirit while the fighters put the undead back into the ground.

In a moment of respite, the group faces a door at the end of the cavern. The door is closed but apparently unlocked. In a niche next to the door is a 1 foot tall obsidian statue of a man.



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