Leader of the Black Nest Nezumi Tribe



Trust Level: 1 (Wary)
Type: Outsider (MR 2)

O’chin is a dark-furred Nezumi, or ratfolk, and the leader of the Black Nest tribe. He possesses a semi-tattered ear, and wears a piece of carved obsidian over his brow. Though O’chin is more willing to talk (and listen) to outsiders than other members of his tribe, he is still nonetheless quite wary.

O’chin and the Black Nest are particularly adept thieves, thugs, and warriors, and they keep a close watch on areas of the city that most humans would not – in particular, the sewers. They know many back routes through Kyuden Gotai, as well as the situation with the rest of the tribe elsewhere in the Empire. O’chin believes the nezumi deserve as much respect as humans, and is counting on the heroes to help see to their goal that they will assist the nezumi.

O’chin speaks both Nezumi (his preferred tongue) and Azeshouri, albiet with a heavy accent.


O’chin is the most recent leader of the Black Nest tribe, having taken over the position following the deaths of the previous leader, Te’Tik’Kir, and the tribe’s shaman, Mat’tck, at the hands of the heroes of Valleyhaven following their attempt to retrieve Cyrus’ Shard of the Sun from the Black Nest.

O’chin trained as a warrior and thief like many others within his tribe, but is a more level-headed leader than the others. While he harbors a deep distrust and simmering anger towards humanity in general, he is willing to deal with the heroes so long as he feels the he and the tribe are being treated with respect and in good faith. He believes that further violence between the nezumi and the Azeshouri will more than likely eventually result in the destruction of the tribe – if the Black Nest can achieve its goals without further bloodshed, then he is willing to consider requests.


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