Nezumi Scavenger and Tinker of the Grasping Paw tribe



Trust Level: 3 (Reliable)
Type: Observer/Scavenger
Class: Expert 8

Lo’tchin’chek is a Nezumi from the Grasping Paw tribe, with white-gray fur, keen red eyes, and an often-quivering snout, constantly testing the air. He stands roughly 4’9" tall, and wears a number of scavenged pieces around his neck, chest, and wrists – scraps of metal, pieces of broken jewelry, and lengths of cloth and rope. He often carries with him a sack for carrying the various scavenged goods he finds, along with his tools for conducting rudimentary repairs.

Lo’tchin’chek, like most other members of the Grasping Paw tribe, is an excellent scavenger, and he is quite good at finding salvage and other goods throughout Kyuden Gotai. Additionally, because he travels throughout the city looking for new caches to acquire or services to render, he is particularly observant – as a nezumi he is frequently ignored, meaning he often sees more than most might realize.

Lo’tchin’ckek speaks both Nezumi and highly accented Azeshouri, often punctuated with squeaks, chitters, and clicks.


Lo’tchin’chek was first encountered by Cyrus and Frostwing during their exploration of Kyuden Gotai. The Priest of Pelor was particularly moved by the plight of the nezumi he glimpsed upon entered the city, and in particular their treatment at the hands of humans. The pair met the nezumi peddler as he made his way through the streets, desperate to earn some coin and food. Upon offering these to him, the nezumi opened up – his young daughter had taken ill, and he had little to help her. Cyrus asked to see her, and though he was cautious, Lo’tchin’chek agreed. The priest was able to arrange the acquisition of medicines and his healing skills to render aid to Lo’tchin’chek’s daughter, and the young nezumi soon recovered.

Word soon spread among the Grasping Paw tribe of the altruistic gaijin and his strange foreign deity – soon crude, small, renderings of the symbol of Pelor began appearing in several of the nezumi hovels, and Lo’tchin’chek has been eager to repay the priest. When Cyrus was struck down by a Ghost-Faced Oni killer, the nezumi swore to assist his friends. It was Lo’tchin’chek who alerted the heroes to the Black Nest’s theft of Cyrus’ Shard of the Sun.

Lo’tchin’chek has come to trust the foreigners, seeing them as a blessing. Given their assistance with saving the Grasping Paw from the Black Nest, bringing them food, and assisting them in perilous situations with the city’s human denizens, he has become quite fond of them and is willing to offer assistance if it means helping the nezumi, and particularly his tribe, out of their plight and hunger.


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