Azeshouri Returns!

When a team of western heroes from the idyllic duchy of Valleyhaven found their realm invaded by strange demonic-like creatures of unknown origins, their investigations into the matter uncovered a 100-year old mystery linking back to a famous explorer, Kalum Windstrider (the only man to ever cross the Stormrest Mountains into the east and return), and an artifact he brought back with him – the “Seal of the Winds.”

With the Seal in hand, the adventurers re-traced Kalum’s voyage to discover the source of the creatures’ invasion, intent on stopping it. Crossing the Frostfell and its treacherous icy mountains, they eventually came to a whole new land – Azeshouri, shining Empire of the East. Initially stripped of their magic and swept into courtly politics in a strange land, the heroes and their newfound allies have been thrust into a coming storm that will see an Empire and its citizens facing the growing threat of the Shadowlands and its hordes of Oni bent on overrunning Azeshouri, and from there, the world…

Campaign Background

The Valleyhaven/Azeshouri campaign is both a reboot & continuation of an original 3.5 D&D campaign that ended back in 2009. Based heavily off L5R’s ‘Rokugan’ setting from the 3.5 “Oriental Adventures” book, Azeshouri has been updated to the Pathfinder rules. Picking up where the campaign originally left off, the storyline will see the return of old heroes and the addition of new ones, bent on confronting the threat of Fu Leng and the Shadowlands with the aid of five Elemental Seals – the only hope the Empire has to sealing evil back in the Festering Pit from whence it came. Along the way they will have to contend with old clan rivalries, high courtly politics, assassins, and the strange spirits and oni that dwell in Azeshouri while making new allies in their bid to save the world.


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