Ikoma Berii

Ikoma_Berii.jpg Lord Ikoma Berii heads the Lion clan delegation within the Imperial Court.

Lord Ikoma carries himself with a serious, regal, bearing befitting that of a soldier. His dark hair is tied back in a soldier’s topknot, and though clean shaven he sports thick muttonchops and somewhat bushy eyebrows. Despite its courtly nature, his clothing has a military cut to it, often with lions embroidered on each side of the chest, while he accenting his dress generally with several decorative military pieces, such as vambraces.

Berii in known in the court for being a surprisingly easy individual to read. Unlike many courtiers, and most Lions, Ikoma is often quite open with his emotions (a trait common in many Ikoma) – he means what he says when he says it, with little need to engage in dishonorable subterfuge or obfuscation. Indeed, Berii’s openness with his emotions often serves to embarrass others or put them on edge, who feel such behavior is ignoble and beneath a nobleman. Berii, for his part, could generally care less. Several who have underestimated the Lion and insulted him to his face have found themselves on the losing end of an honor duel.

Berii has a resoundingly deep knowledge of history, etiquette, and geneology, and as such he is a stickler for tradition and protocol. While others may argue that such behavior would leave the Lion stuck in the past, Berii would argue that the lessons of the past serve to prevent future errors.

Surprisingly, Berii actually serves as a more moderate and sensible counterpart to the more hot-headed members of his delegation, specifically the warrior natures of the Matsu. But despite that, Berii has teeth, and is not afraid to show or use them when necessary.

Ikoma Berii

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