Shogun Akodo Tadenori

Imperial Shogun, Leader of the Emerald Legions


A tall, imposing man with pointed, greying beard and mustache, as well as hard, stern eyes, Akodo Tadenori often wears the trappings of the Imperial Shogun along with portions of his own heavy Lion clan O-yoroi armor.

Tadenori is a proud man, rooted in tradition, and he leads the Imperial Emerald Legions wherever they may be needed, or he has been commanded. Though he will delegate smaller, more local matters either to the local daimyo or his own subordinates, he does not hesitate to join the field when matters appear to need his leadership. He has also proven time and again that he is no coward, demonstrating his skill at swordsmanship by personally wading into combat when he has felt it necessary.

As Shogun, Tadenori is charged with overseeing and leading the Imperial Emerald Legions, particularly in the event should the Emperor be incapacitated. Currently Emperor Iweko VII leaves the day-to-day operations of the Legions in Tadenori’s hands, trusting him to take charge and do what must be required.

Tadenori takes his role of Shogun extremely seriously and will obey any command issued by the Emperor. Though at times he has questioned tactics, he has not gone against the Emperor’s will. However, he keeps his own opinions about the Emperor and the Imperial Court to himself. He finds the Imperial Court distasteful for all their petty bickering and maneuvering, and will avoid attending unless absolutely necessary – if it is possible for him to send an attendant in his stead, he will do so. Some see this as his own spin on political maneuvering – if a matter is important enough for Akodo Tadenori to personally appear at Court, then it must be a matter important enough for all to listen to.


A member of the proud Akodo family of the Lion clan, Tadenori grew up studying tactics, swordplay, horsemanship, go, and even calligraphy at the hands of many accomplished Lion leaders, including his own grandfather. He has commanded Lion legions in combat, proving himself particularly adept during the War of the Rich Frog, where one of his distinguishing features was the respectful treatment of captured prisoners during combat. He counts several clan champions, as well as clan samurai, if not friends then at least as espected opponents. Nonetheless, Tadenori is a traditionalist, and he does not like things that push boundaries. He also has a strong sense of pride and honor, and defends them when he feels he has been unjustly slighted.

Tadenori has been the Shogun of Azeshouri for the last 12 years, following the retirement of his predecessor. While some within the court may still whisper that Tadenori’s appointment to the role was nothing more than the result of adept political maneuvering, the truth of the matter is that none can dispute his prowess and tactical acumen on the battlefield, which he proved during the War of the Rich Frog, among other engagements.
The Crane and the Snake were particularly unhappy with the appointment, believing that since then Tadenori has used his position to on occasion take petty acts of revenge against their clans for opposing the Lion during the War of the Rich Frog – often by refusing to send Emerald Legions to deal with problems or else delaying their deployment. Tadenori himself has refuted their claims, saying that as Shogun, his duty is to the Emperor’s will, and thus above such petty squabbles.

For all the squabbling, Tadenori has proven himself an adept leader and commander during the past 12 years, and has kept the Emerald Legions in prime fighting shape, ready to be deployed if and where they might be needed. He works alongside the Seppun Guard in the capitol, to ensure the safety of the Emperor.

Shogun Akodo Tadenori

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