Prince Iweko Yoshiaki

Heir Apparent to the Azeshouri Empire


Trust Level: 2 (Skeptical)
Type: Politician (MR 2)

Iweko Yoshiaki is a 21-year old male, pale, clean shaven, and with poor eyesight for which he wears thin rimmed golden spectacles. He wears his black hair in a scholar’s topknot. Quite thin, Yoshiaki’s clothing looks overly large on him, nearly comical in effect.

The prince is soft-spoken and shy, and often tends to keep his eyes downward-cast, even with those far below his station. He is only firm with his two younger sisters, notably Junai – though in truth, he finds he somewhat admires her fire and her spirit, though he wishes she would give up her childish ways and take her lessons more seriously.

As a noted scholar who has spent the majority of his time within the Imperial library, Yoshiaki is frequently found carrying a scroll or two on him at most times, as he maintains his love of reading.


Yoshiaki never wanted to be a ruler. As the second-youngest son, he was happily content to remain in his elder brother Yoshio’s shadow, for Yoshio had all the makings of a great ruler – charisma, strength, and respect. Yoshiaki spent most of his time happily pursuing intellectual pursuits, believing that once his brother became Emperor, he himself would renounce the family name and would become an Otomo bureaucrat, or perhaps a priest, or a scholar.

The death of his brother has shocked him greatly, as he now finds himself completely thrust unexpectedly into a role he does not want, nor even knows how to do – He himself would be the first to admit that he is not a leader, nor particularly anyone that others would generally respect. Though he is bewildered and completely unprepared, he attempts to carry out the responsibilities and duties for which he was never groomed, as he knows it is now his responsibility, and he intends to do his expected duties.

Yoshiaki has few friends – nonetheless, he is a kind and gentle man, willing to offer his friendship to those he feels are worthy, hoping they will find him to be the same.

Prince Iweko Yoshiaki

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