Miya Shinichi

The Heroes' Imperial Patron



Trust Level: 3 (Reliable)
Type: Politician (MR 2)

In addition to his standing as a former Miya herald and now ambassador, Shinichi is also the maternal uncle to the current Emperor of Azeshouri. Shinichi has been willing to place his neck on the line to act as an acceptable patron for the Valleyhaven heroes, granting them a place to stay as well as acting as small shield at court for them against the machinations of the other clan courtiers. He is also able to provide basic amenities for the Westerners and place for their winter wolves. As a former Miya herald, Shinichi is well-versed in Azeshouri law, as well as its geography, and was an accomplished rider in his youth. He also possesses knowledge of the Imperial court, its personages, its operation, and some of its schemes. He has the ear of other court members, as well as limited access to the Emperor. He also knows a great deal about Kyuden Gotai and its inhabitants.

Shinichi stands 5’8" and is 65 years old, but retains a clear head and alert, brown, eyes. He has two thin black mustaches and is balding, but used to have dark hair. The symbol on his Mon are seven half moons surrounding two concentric circles.

Shinichi is a kind and generous man, who would dearly desire to see peace among the Great Clans. He has something of a hidden sense of humor, and underneath it all, still retains the wonder and wanderlust he had as a younger man.


Miya Shinichi is an uncle of the Emperor, and a high-ranking member of the Miya family within Kyuden Gotai, though he is not the clan daimyo.

The reason for Shinichi’s generosity towards the gaijin is the result of his memories of the stories from his grandfather about the great Kalum Windstrider from the west. Additionally, his family has retained the gift they were granted decades ago of one of Kalum’s journals, which the young Shinichi used to marvel over, even if he did not understand the words within. As an adolescent, Shinichi dreamed of becoming a great explorer, and to that end he traveled far and wide across the Empire as an Imperial heraldm though he always wondered what lay beyond Azeshouri’s borders.

Eventually, Shinichi’s sister married the then-Emperor, and Shinichi gradually replaced his dreams with duties at court. However, the long-held interest never fully vanished, and Shinichi was overjoyed at the chance to again host visitors from the west – particularly when they brought their own stories about the great Windstrider.

Privately, Shinichi has reluctantly admitted that he does not have much faith in his nephew, believing him to be somewhat cowardly and weak-willed, easily swayed by others. He also does not completely trust Tonbo Noboru.

Miya Shinichi

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