Emperor Iweko VII

Ruler of Azeshouri; The Contemplative Emperor


Emperor Iweko VII is the seventh of his dynasty, which began following the death of Emperor Hantei XXXII and his family. Like all his predecessors before him, he too has adopted a title, choosing to be referred to as the Contemplative Emperor.

The Emperor is rarely seen – often when he makes his appearance at the Imperial Court, it is done from behind a screen, with Chancellor Noboru issuing his decrees.

The Emperor is known to be 38 years old, having taken the throne at the age of 15.


Iweko VII assumed the Imperial throne following the death of his father, Iweko VI, the Judicious Emperor, by the same illness that took his wife, Miya Yumi (the sister of Miya Shinichi, the Emperor’s uncle).

Many believed the young man was not ready to rule, and in the wake of the unexpected death many clans took advantage of the confusion to settle old grievances and slights by a variety of means. War broke out through much of the Empire, and it was only by the assistance of several loyal daimyo and the shrewd negotiations of Tonbo Noboru was the Empire brought back to peace. Since then, Iweko VII has come to rely heavily on Noboru’s assistance and guidance. Privately, many courtiers and clan daimyos wonder if the Emperor relies too much on Noboru’s advice and influence.

The Emperor married a Crane bride, Doji Tani, and has four children – two boys and two girls. Recently tragedy has befallen the Imperial family. The oldest son, during a tour of the Empire so that he might familiarize himself with his lands and his vassals, was slain by a great unknown Oni near the Shinomen Forest.

Emperor Iweko VII

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