Bayushi Chiasa

Snake Clan courtier & Imperial Court representative


Fair-skinned, dark haired, and with piercing green eyes, Bayushi Chiasa is the very model of the typical Snake courtier, and the Bayushi family. Chiasa often wears dark lipstick and colored blushes to further accent her skin, and her lips often quirk into semi-twisted smiles – as though she is aware of something others are not. Her movements are precise and graceful, nearly equal to those of the Crane, and she typically carries a fan in her sash at all times.

Like most members of the Snake clan, Chiasa wears a mask – though she owns several different designs, nearly all of them hide the upper portion of her face, leaving the lower exposed. Her clothing is of extremely fine quality silks, often in reds and purples with gold accents – typical Snake colors – and often cut in semi-revealing fashions.

Chiasa tends to speak in low, sensual tones that betray nothing about her true intentions and motives – like all Snakes, she keeps her thoughts to herself.


When the heroes of Valleyhaven first arrived at the Imperial Court in Kyuden Gotai, it was Chiasa who volunteered to teach them the language and customs of the Empire. Courteous and helpful, Chiasa merely requested in repayment that should the heroes of Valleyhaven overhear anything of interest or suspicious, that they inform her of such conversations.

Tonbo Noburo was among the first to warn the heroes not to trust Chiasa, for it is a certainty that she has already found some way to integrate them into a Snake plot. Chiasa, of course, maintains that she only wishes to help the heroes, and through them, the Empire – she believes there is a growing threat, and only the heroes can stop it.

Bayushi Chiasa

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