Akodo Itsuma

Lion Clan samurai



Trust Level: 1 (Wary)
Type: Court/Clan Observer (MR 2)

A male samurai of the Lion clan, from the Akodo family, Itsuma is about 28 years old.


The heroes encountered Itsuma during the street fight with bandits during the Setsuban Festival. As the Lion was busy enjoying the festivities, he was unarmored and had only his katana with him when the bandits attacked. Though Itsuma fought bravely and downed two attackers, a spear thrust caught him in the side before another punctured his abdomen, leaving him dying in the street. Master Fu summoned water kami to heal the man’s injuries, thus saving his life while the rest of the heroes dispatched the remaining attackers.

Following the fight, Itsuma approached and identified himself. Though not thrilled at the prospect of having to thank a Crane and gaijin, the proud Lion nonetheless stated that he was not too proud to admit that he owed the heroes his life, and that his honor demanded he owe them a debt in repayment.

Akodo Itsuma

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